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Monday, June 28, 2010

PJ can mend a broken heart

I'm recently going through a tough time in my life where my heart was broken. But, life goes on and so must I. Family and friends help, but the healing power of music has always and will always be there. So with that being said here's a great broken heart PJ compilation (a Spreading The Jam exclusive).

Broken Hearted Compilation
1. Long Road
2. Love Boat Captain
3. The Golden State (Eddie w/ Corin Tucker)
4. Just Breathe
5. Parting Ways
6. Pigeon (Stone Gossard)
7. Black
8. Hard To Imagine (AOL Session)
9. Better Days
10. Indifference
11. Turning Mist (Mike McCreedy)
12. Come Back
13. Nothingman
14. Sunburn (Stone Gossard)
15. Speed of Sound (Demo version)
16. Gone (AOL Session)
17. The End
18. I'm Still Here


*Thanks to Beetleman for some amazing cover art. Very simple and understated but quite powerful. Thank you again my friend.